Calling for Aid

With no further contact from Egg or the knight, Alec debated his choices. Treat this like just any other hunt or get help.
He had to stop his natural impulse to just go it alone, remembering that he still needed the firepower Egg had promised him. Grimacing at the loss, he took out a large road map and searched for the nearest Wayward.
One agitating detour later and he walked into Wayward, ordering some much needed comfort food.
"Is Frank around? I need some help on a hunt and my previous partners ditched me."
Sounding callous about the ordeal, he in fact was beginning to worry about Monika. While it wasn't unusual for hunters to fall off the grid, she would not have just up and left without giving him some sort of message. Even a quick "Busy" would have sufficed.
As for the knight, he had to assume the Order had either given him an official task or they had.... cut loose ends. All he knew was that he wasn't going to worry about him unless a monster did it.

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