It's Bears ... (Somewhere in New Mexico)

Kit laid sprawled on a blanket under a tree enjoying the warmth of the day and watching the clouds roll by. It was the PERFECT time for a nap! Lilac agreed, clearly as she sighed rolling onto her back.

“This is why you and I get along so well.” Kit yawned stretching out. Who needed stuffy motels! This tree and the New Mexico sun was all he needed!

Caden kicked at his brother’s boot, holding out a canteen. “I take it you and your pups are done for the afternoon, little brother?”

“Just the afternoon?” Kit said cracking an eye open.
Rose chuffed looking from Kit to Caden as if to say. Look, I tried

“Come ooooonnnnnn.” Kit whined. “Its BEARS … in a mountain full of BEARS where there is a BEAR every square mile eating all them huckleberries. You could SPIT and hit a grizzly.” He complained. “Also … Montana is so far away …”

“It might be bears, but we said we’d go, and every minute we’re here, we’re not there.” Caden replied. “And the sooner we get there, the sooner we get done, and then we can take our time getting back.”

“We didn’t say when.” Kit patted a spot on the blanket. “It perfect day? How many of those do you get? You don’t care do you? You’re not having any of it are? You’re going drag me if I don’t get up aren’t you.” Kit sighed.

“Know who whines, Kit?”

Kit groaned. “FIIIIIINNNE.” He said hauling himself up. “I swear if it’s bears …”

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