Get with the Program - (The Wayward)

“... I’m just saying this is not where I thought I would be.” Hannah explained to Devin. “Granted it’s NOT like you plan for … this.” The blonde said serving plate to a table of … sigh … rough around the edges Hunters. Literally no different from the broody ones in the corner or the one hitting on every waitress walking by. In Hannahs’s eyes, they all were all at cookie-cutter as you could get. All denim and leather with laptops and old books, all with so many chips on their shoulders she could woodwork a table from the scrap. All with so much drama and baggage the would be banned from the airlines.

I bet they all listen to the same music too. There was so much badass Hannah was going o need a bubble bath and a Ryan Reynolds Rom-Com to equalize!

“I just though … after all that hard work … I feel like I’m restarting life.” Hannah sighed. “I had PLAN.”

Devin nodded, raising an eyebrow. “This really wasn’t in my grand scheme of things either,” she replied. One of her patrons stopped by the bar to hand over a Hamilton by way of tip, which the tattooed blonde happily accepted into her back pocket. “It is restarting,” She told her counterpart. “But restarting isn’t all bad. What we learned so far? I mean, you won’t find that in any college. They say you have amazing abilities, H. And this is coming from people who have incredible abilities.”

“I’ve learned that low C is a bitch of note, there are way more types of vampires I thought possible and I really should not have been surprised by that, that the tooth fairy is real but not a fairy nor does it leave money under your pillow and that Santa Claus is still not real.” Hannah laughed.

“Well, there is that lore about the Anti-Claus… Devin said, shaking her head, but come on -- Didn’t you go to MIT to learn new things, and aren’t you doing that here -- for free? Plus…” She said, accepting another tip, “If you show a little skin? You’ll make way more in gratuities.”

“Krampus. Coca-Cola makes up Santa Claus but he’s not real, Europeans make Krampus but HE gets to be real. So unfair. Nothing is for FREE Devin … but fine I concede to your point.” Hannah admitted. She looked at her clothing and back at Devin. “What wrong with what I’m wearing?”

“Nothing if you’re going to a pie baking contest in Nebraska.” Devin replied. “You can borrow from my closet until we can go shopping.”

Hannah took stock of the other waitress. One girl's tits were perked up so high there were at threat of spilling out and attacking. Another girl's pants were so tight they might as well be painted on, though that HAD to be bad for her circulation. The one waitress might as well be dressing in a thong and napkin!

Hannah had to admit … she looked like she was ready to muck some stables. “I am so out of my element.”

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