Go Juice! - (EACH, Emerlan Harbor)

Nikia shuffled back to her room in her fluffy bunny slippers and mug of lukewarm coffee in each hand. The only thing more horrifying than a bogart in a closet was lukewarm coffee. She slid one onto Dex’s desk and made a motion with her hand and with a puff of her breath the coffee was steaming again. She repeated the process again with hers before sitting down and cracking a textbook open.

“Drink up while it’s hot, had to fight my way to the coffee pot.” Nikia sang.

Dex’s hand scanned the desktop until he found the mug, taking a break from is textbook to give Cody a scratch behind the ears. Even without his working harness, the working ‘dog’ lay at his master’s feet. “Again?” Declan chuckled. “I think it’s time we invest in our own. I’ll let you pick the type even.”

“Oh careful with that or you’ll drinking espresso, pour overs or cappuccinos instead of this cheap swill. I already pick one out … it’s the coffee maker of my dream. Best part … froths the milk and everything …” Nikia sighed. “ … you busy tonight?” She asked innocently enough.

Dex took one sip of coffee and decided Nikia could have whatever coffee maker she wanted, even if he had to drain his entire account. “No, why?” His fingertips ran over the calendar at 11:00 on his desk. “It’s not a full moon, what do you have in mind?”

“A … little late-night driving. In the backwoods. With some friends.” That was Nikia talk for some dirt racing.

“Don’t you have an ethics test tomorrow?” Dex asked, futily. There was no stopping Nika once she set her brain to racing. “What time are we heading out?”

“Sundown! And if we win I can get that new part and you know you’ll have such a good time with all them engine bunnies. Cody is like honey to them bees. Then we can have late night victory pizza!” Nikia said all to full of cheer. “On me. When I win.” She said way to confidently.

“Music to my ears,” Dex chuckled, adding in a warning tone: “But no pineapple!”

“No Pineapple.” Nikia assured. “So yes?”

“Great!” He spun around in his chair, placing his hands on the braille pages of his textbook. “And then after we’ll talk coffee makers. I have that credit card for emergencies, and this --” He took another sip of the awful coffee. “Is an emergency.”

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