You're Famous! #MsMarVsThePrick #RoyalJohnson #WTUL - (New Orleans)

The librarian didn't budge an inch, staring up at him with a set jaw. He glanced over his shoulder at the entrance, his old Marine Sargent's warnings in his ears. Check your corners. Check your exits. A young, pale woman dressed in dark clothes stood squarely in the way, her studded phone case obscured her face.

"Hey," he extended a finger at the punk who whipped her phone out, "Are you filming this? You think this is funny?" He covered his mouth. Owen turned back to the librarian, his hand smoothing the back of his short hair, "Jaiden, my son, could be in danger. I have to--I need to find him. This piece of paper puts him here before he... Please, I just need to see these books," he held out the slips again for her, smoothing them before gently placing them on the counter before that stony face. "Then I'll be gone, you won't ever have to stare down those glasses at me again."

He shot another look over his shoulder, his eyes narrowing on the student's. The phone still floated in mid air between them. She was rounding, closing the distance between him and the librarian. "Put that thing away. Is this really the most interesting thing happening on campus? Hmm?" he scowled, fists clenching.

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