Human Interest - (Tulane University, New Orleans)

"Hey, are you filming this? You think this is funny?"

“Do you hear me laughing, asshole?” With one hand clutching her shoulder bag, Catbite moved in, her phone held up to capture a “two-shot” of Ms. Mar and her harasser. This guy was large, muscular…and from the contorted look of anger on his face, banking on the fierce appearance to cow the diminutive librarian. She took another few steps toward the altercation, until Ms. Mar glanced her way, lifting a hand to stop the girl’s approach.

Her presence had at least one positive effect…now that he was under her lens, the stranger’s voice dropped to a conversational tone. "Jaiden, my son, could be in danger. I have to--I need to find him. This piece of paper puts him here before he... Please, I just need to see these books. Then I'll be gone, you won't ever have to stare down those glasses at me again."

Conversational, but still carrying a massive ‘tude. More interesting was the fact he’d mentioned Jaiden and the chance he was in some kind of danger. She was intrigued…what books could he have pulled from a university library that might put him at risk?

The man, Jaiden’s dad…was now glowering at her from over his shoulder.

"Put that thing away. Is this really the most interesting thing happening on campus? Hmm?"

It only took one look at the balled fists to see that Jaiden’s old man wasn’t used to being backtalked, a behavioral hors d’oeuvre that she found irresistible. “I dunno…a strange old fuck going all ‘IBM’ on a woman half his size? It’s got ‘Human Interest’ written all over it. So why don’t you fuck off before the mace comes out?”

“That’s enough.” The librarian, Marisol Giu, took abruptly to her feet. “You,” an imperious finger pointed toward Catbite, then gestured toward the nearest reading table. “Sit.” Her commanding gaze returned to the unwelcome guest. “Jaiden Walker?”

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