Wolf Out (Huckleberry Mountain, MT)

“... Why do they always pick the most inconvenient places.” Kit sighed. “The human munching annoying … why is it never a sunny beach? Nooooo has to be a 11 mile trail, going up 3,000 some odd feet. Riddled … with grizzly bears ... can’ t even eat’em. Well … least it’s berry season …” Kit was still miffed about his afternoon being spoiled but the girl in the back seat didn’t seem to mind too much. The girls were restless so at least they would get some running around in. He was really trying to see the upsot here but he couldn’t help but feel they kept getting the suck jobs!

“Know what whines little brother?” Caden said, annoyed not only by the hike but by being reminded of it.

“We wolfing out for this?” Kit asked.

“No one around to see,” Caden replied. “We’re definitely wolfing out.”

“Aroo ... “ Kit said joked stepping out of the car as they pulled into a spot. “... alright girl's you know the drill. The pair yip scrambling over each other to be the first out when kit let down the seat. Kit started to work off his clothes so he could shift without having to awkwardly stumble out of his human clothing.

Caden stayed on his side of the car, stretching out his shoulders and bouncing on his toes before letting out a howl himself. Like his brother, he stripped before shifting into a form better suited for the task at hand.

Rose and Lilac all but pounced on Caden nipping at his ear and hip checking him excitedly. Kit now a 300 plus put beast of fur, fang, and claw poked his head around the care with an all to pleased with himself pant

Caden’s bones stretched, cracked and reformed until he was a hulking beast himself. He tossed his head back and this howl echoed for miles, joined in harmony by his brother, and to a lesser extent the high pitched attempt of two pups. The trek up the mountain in this form? Piece of cake. Bring on the bears!

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