"Hope you guess my name..." - (Tulane University, New Orleans)

Returning his wallet to his jacket pocket, Owen's jaw clenched as he approached 'Katherine Bight,' the mouthy punk who still had her phone's camera trained on him like the paparazzi. She'd mentioned 'Human Interest,' so maybe she worked for the university newspaper. He took in the band T-shirt, jacket, and eccentric glasses nodding his head in understanding. She was playing a role--donning the quintessential uniform of the anarchist. Probably needed to, he reasoned, but it was just the ghost of a notion at this point. He'd probably never see her again after tonight, resigned as he was to her company by the fiercest librarian he'd ever crossed.

“I know Jaiden. Nice guy. Guess he got that from his mom, huh?”

He let out a sigh, fixing her with a searching stare. "It's nice to meet you, too, Katherine Bight student aid." Owen's eyes bounced between her own, "You know Jaiden." His posture changed as he reclined slightly in his chair. "What, were you in Anarchy one-oh-one together? Seminar on how to disappoint your parents? Or maybe..." he hesitated. He was angry, and she hadn't backed down from poking the bear. But he was being childish, sitting there slinging insults. If she did know Jaiden, it was possible she'd seen him here on campus before he'd disappeared God knows where.

A small part of him wondered at what role this young, white woman played, if any, in his son's life. A friend? Confidant? More? He certainly wouldn't know, with the way Jaiden left things between them. He bit his tongue.

"Look," he studied the table between them, "let's not waste our breath being petty." He adjusted his watch, "I'm here because this is the last place Jaiden was before we lost contact with him. His mother and I-" he paused only for a moment, "we're worried sick. It's been almost two weeks since we've heard from him. And I think he may have gotten himself into some trouble."

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