"Please come in..." (Marigny St., New Orleans)

With an open mouth, Owen watched the slender girl bent on her mission push past, decked in punk regalia. The look of confusion on his face was a mix of perplexed realization that Katherine Bight was here, at his home, uninvited and unexpected, and anxious relief that the only person who seemed curiously tuned in to his plight might prompt yet another break through. It was a strange feeling.

From furrowed brows, Owen peered out his front door at the beat up, sun-spotted, paint-peeling coup at the curb. At one point the vehicle looked like it did run, and obviously it didn't roll here on its own--he checked for tow trucks rounding the curb from the corner of his eye. He could smell burnt rubber waft in the humid night air.

"Please, come in," he said to the punk already comfortable in his living room. Closing the door, Owen turned back to see her looking over his notes which contained a mix of vague research around the symbols in the book and their modern presence. Most recently near the bottom of the page, Owen had been scratching what he'd learned about the name from the missing page: Azanath. There wasn't much--anything, really. Some possible miss spellings related to a figure in Old Testament Biblical stories. His wife's journal lay unopened beside his notes. He hadn't braved that book's binding.

"Learn anything?"

"No, nothing. I've been looking up the symbols he'd circled, but that seemed like a dead end," he motioned to his ancient laptop, throwing shade at both the situation and the Compaq. "Hold on, why are you here? Because you just sent me home with these books."

Kat raised her eyebrows as she started removing items from her bag, "Like I said. I brought you some shit."

More books meant more possible answers to his multiplying questions. More possible ways to track Jaiden's movements. And, two heads were possibly better than one, he thought, jutting out his jaw, hand stroking his chin.

"This sounds serious," Owen pulled out his phone, distracted.

Kat looked up at him, lips pursed in confusion. He caught her glance.

"We're going to need a lot of Chinese."

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