The Wayward

Welcome to the Wayward Bar, Grill, and if you ask nicely Bunkhouse. Run by witches and mages the food is always hot the beer is always cold and the clientele is all in the know. The Wayward boasts a small intimate setting and more often than not everyone knows everyone. New folk stand out and on occasion, you get a normal customer.

The Wayward has its share of secrets and tricks but the employees and owner (whoever they are) aren’t talking. For those in the know charm, information, and if your really nice maybe a spell are available … for a price. There is a number of Waywards dotted across the US and for the most part, caters to the wandering Hunters in the US. The rules are pretty simple all are welcomed, don’t harass the patrons, and don’t harass the employees.

Other than that?

Have a beer kickback you’re in safe hands.

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