Let the Bodies hit the floor part 2 (Jersey Coast) Hey Man, Nice Shot

Randall heard gunshots, but didn’t bother looking in Genevive’s direction. Once the fighting started, one had to focus on what was in front of them.

If she made it, fine; if not, he’d mourn her later.

The vamps hit the ground, but they wasted time baring their fangs.

He didn’t. The shotgun was already up at his shoulder, all he had to do was acquire a target and squeeze the trigger.

He emptied it into a bald one right in front of him, reloaded, emptied the fresh load into the bald one again, reloaded, and began seeking new targets.

Total elapsed time: just over seven seconds.

Not his best time, but all that mattered at the end of day was if he was the one left

Hannah scooped the field, seeing Jan about to be ambushed and let a carefully aimed bolt fly. She didn’t waste a shot and before she knew it her small supply of crossbow bolts was depleted. Strapping the crossbow to her back she slid out her machetes and went to join the fray.

Randall was fast, the shots blurring together and flaming sparks from the gunpowder still arcing like dying fireflies. The vampire was faster, blonde ringlets inhumanly perfect as he blurred from where he was to in front of the nun. She cried out as his hand batted the pistol from it then spun her around. Genevive found herself being dragged backward, a clawed hand around her throat and the other holding her arm behind her back. The vampire retreated, using the nun as a shield, with only occasional peeps of his head showing around her own.

“Ah ah ah,” he chided, voice amused. “Not exactly a precision weapon. Likely to take her pretty little head off as you are to hit me,” he was playing with them, trying to gain time as he retreated to the side door of the barn. “Play nice or I’ll take her with me for a snack,” the last word snarled.

Devin looked to Hannah and dropped her machete, holding both hands up, facing the vampire.

Hannah followed suit. “See … funny thing ... is a witch truly ever disarmed.” Hanna made humming noise going lower till on a bare whine, like the sound of the tv being powered on but nothing was playing and she faded from existence!

“Et satanas, et sidus Ignis et in monte Ictus in aerem…” Devin chanted. “ Incidi in Burnin annulo ignis Et descendit, deorsum: deorsum Et ascendens sursum per flammas, Et ardet ardet ardet Anulus ignis harena ignis!” A fireball appeared in her hand.

“Shut-up!” He called, “I’ll kill her, I mean it!”

Devin underhand lobbed the fireball to the left of where the vampire was holding Genevive hostage.

“You missed, bitch!” The vampire hooted.

“Wasn’t sending it to you,” Devin said with a shrug. Jan lunged at Gigi dragging her to the ground.

Adolebitque asinum petasum.” Hanah said her voice tripled tossing the fireball like a genuine baseball right into the Fanger’s face gooping on him like napalm. “Oop … ah … wasn’t aiming for the face.” She winced. They could use all the teeth could and there went a perfectly good set literally up in smoke!

“Really?” Devin chastised,

“It was an accident … those fire spell… they go everywhere.” Hannah said looking like a she got caught with a cookie out of the jar.

“That’s why we practice control.” Devin chided, picking up the machete. The vamp Randal shot was barely starting to recover when the blonde witch beheaded it, scooping up the head for her duffle bag. “Any more that aren’t char-broiled?” She asked.

“We should do a check. A few might of escaped.” Hannah said happy to change the subject.

Jan got to his feet and extended his hand for Genevive. “Sorry about that, he apologized, helping her up. “I tried to be careful with you.”

“Make eyes at the pretty newcomer later,” Devin told him. “We gotta get back and help the hunters, now.” She picked up the last head and zipped the bag closed. “Let’s hit the road,” She said, hurrying back towards the van. “They don’t have all day!”

“Looks clear, if there are any alive there long gone.” Hanah said. “Lets double time it to the car, the faster we cure those hunter the stronger a chance they have to recover.”

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