Hungry Like the Wolf (Part 1)

Hiking as a wolf was easy. Wolves were made for long distance travel. If it wasn't for the hard work and overall cool factor of the car … Kit would be hard pressed to go back to two legs short of pizza and beer.

Bear. Berries. Bear. Bear poop. Bear. Wolf Kit chuffed. Oh look … ANOTHER Bear. Even as a wolf the haughty sarcasm was written all over his face.

Rose and Lilac were still young so this was a grand ol game for them. Sniff. Pee. Sniff chase.

Caden trotted ahead, feeling his brother’s snark every time they passed another bear. He was going to be insufferable later, Caden just knew it. But even with the fear of cynicism from his brother, they did promise to check things out, and it wasn’t like they had much else on the calendar for the day.

They continued on the trail checking every odd scent for something less than natural and it was closer to the top of the trail, Rose, hit jackpot with a mouth full of feathers.

Well shit. That ain’t no bear. Kit though sniffing the feathers carefully. He saw Caden stalking over to investigate himself. Oh boy … here it comes …

Caden crept as silent as possible, his lip curled in a snarl. Kit was wrong -- not that it made the situation at hand any better, but still, he wouldn’t have to hear it later.

Kit chuffed over the feathers. Them ain’t normal bird feathers that were for sure. This was going to a long day now that they were going to track … whatever it was. Kit had a few ideas but they wouldn’t know for sure till they got closer to finding it.

Wolf huddle time.

To any onlooker, this might come across as an odd sight. Two 300 plus pound wolf with two smaller wolves who might, in comparison, pass for dogs instead. All nose down bumping head as they nipped for more time sniffing the pile of now broken feathers.

Because that’s exactly what it looked like to a pair of horrified hikers as they watch slackjawed.

Kit was the first to notice his ears going flat in annoyance.

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