Hungry Like the Wolf (Part 2)

Caden took one look at Kit, his ears pricking as he turned his head towards the hikers. Son of a bitch! Well, it wasn't safe for them up here anyway, time to play the part. He lowered his haunches, the hackles on his back standing straight up alarmingly as a growl escaped his throat. come on you dumbasses, get the hint and run, [i] he inwardly hoped. It sucked. If these two went and bitched to a ranger, actual wolves could get put down for it, so he couldn’t play it up too much. He let out a sharp warning bark, as Rose ran in between his feet, baring her tiny teeth in an adorable fashion.

“She’s protecting her young,” One hiker said to the other, as they slowly started backing away. [i]Shit... Caden swore, his lupine eyes rolling. Dammit he should just rip them to shreds and be done with it.

Kit barked. Clearly a wolf version of laughing and fell over rolling on his back chuffing and barking. Protecting her young they said! Lilac though this was awful fun and lept on to Kit nipping him. The pup tumbled off Kit and shook the dust off. Ears perk she went to invite the hikers to play. Oh shit … now I have to act like a real wolf

“Shoo, shoo --” One of the hikers said to Lilac, gently swishing with his arms. Kit would get an earful later, two very friendly wolf cubs were not helping their cause that they were normal, albeit large, wolves. “Just slowly walk back to the truck, you don’t want to upset the mother.”

Kit was on his feet barking sharply and Lilac slowed looking back. Ears flat and hackles up he slowly approached the pup. Snarling and show at many teeth as he could he pick up the pup by its scruff and back up toward the tree line. He was SO hamming it up. Really the behavior was borderline cartoonish but all that really mattered was that the Hikers buy it.

“Two mamas,” the hiker said. “Must be a pack nearby. Don’t make any sudden moves.” The two hikers slowly started making their way back down the trail. Satisfied when they had gone far enough, Caden turned back to the task at hand.

Really?!? Kit complained. Being equally embarrassed he was sure no mention of this even will ever be spoken of again. Ever. He unceremoniously dropped the and chuffed at her. She just gave puppy eyes at him as he went back to the task at hand with his brother.

Well could’ve have been worse. They could have run into a bear.

JP - Winters & Blitzen

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