The Road So Far - Lake Eerie - (Part 1)

Rodrigo pointed to the other side of the booth for River and Santiago to share. They had a full day of driving ahead of them and after that stopover in West Virginia last night- he needed coffee in the worst way. It’d been a few years since he’d been on the road, since Saint came to stay with him, and already he was starting to miss the comforts of home. “Long drive today,” he said, mainly to River. “Try not to fill up on sugar.”

River, chipper, skipped along taking her seat. “You mean they have something NOT soaked in sugar here?” River joked taking a seat.

Saint slid in next to her. “So ... what’s the plan?” He said a little too eagerly. Life was getting interesting fast!

“Utah.” He replied. “I know a few people, but I think I got a lead on something not far off. Take a look at this.” He spun his tablet around for his nephew and River to see. A cursory glance of the article would show that three days ago a water skiier died of a shark attack in Lake Eerie off of Catawba Island in Ohio. “And the best part,” he said over his cup of coffee. “It’s not all that far from Sandusky. Two of you get to spend the day riding some of the greatest coasters in the US.” He ordered a plate of egg whites, bacon and toast, asking the waitress for a refill for his mug.

“What’s so … weird about a shark attack in the water?” Saint said ordering his food and coffee.

“There aren’t any sharks in Lake Eirie.” River said. “I mean you MIGHT get a stray bull shark, you might also win the lottery that day too, but the water is VERY cold.” She said ordering pancakes. “Can I have coffee too!” She asked brightly.

“I’m not your dad,” Rigo grumbled back to the ten year old, “you can go out for a smoke after if you want. I’m thinking it sounds like something on my list. Even if it was a bull shark, they wouldn’t do that kind of damage, especially not that close to the shore.” He swung the tablet back around to himself.

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