Mingling - The Wayward

JP with Winters and Duke

“Has anyone called to see how they are doing?” she asked.

“Not yet but we won’t take long getting back.” Hannah promised. “Besides I don’t want to take anyone away from tending the Hunters to answer the phone.” She had FULL trust in the covens abilities and that they would do all they can for the stricken hunters.

All the way back to the bar, Randall fingered a vampire fang he took as a trophy. The barmaids had told him it was okay. They wouldn’t need all of them, so he took his pliers and yanked one out.
Once the pulled in he girl rushed grabbing the duffle of heads and sped into the bar to set to work. No time to waste!

Once they arrived, he retrieved his Glock from Genevive and then went to his van. He returned the Glock to its rightful place, then took out his weapon cleaning kit. Out of habit, he cleared the shotgun before going in, making sure it was pointed away from anyone as he did so.

Upon entering, he made his way over to the bartender and said, “A round of free drinks all around, I’m buying.”

He pulled out his wallet and laid down five twenties.

“If there’s anything left, keep it as a tip,” he said.

He figured if he was going to do this long-term, he might as well start on building up a good reputation with the staff as well as his fellow hunters.

He then made his way over to the grizzled fellow who had bought him a drink.

“It’s Frank, right?” he said. “I want to thank you for the free drink. I’m Randall Hunter.”

He extended his hand.

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