Bleeding Out pt 1 - The Wayward

A Blitzen / Winter / Noemi Joint Post

Hannah hauled and duffle back in which was thankfully lined on the inside. Nothing more embarrassing than leaving a trail of vampire blood behind you.
“Hey Guys!” Hannah waved seeing Rigo and Saint in the corner. “I’ll give you a proper hello later … duty calls.” She said moving along. Now began the grisly work of extracting the fang.

Rigo waved a brief two finger salute back to the witches, giving a quick nod to Frank, hopefully, they made it back in time.

Saint waved not worried at all. The kid was upstairs deep dive into books and Saint got Tequila so he was ALL good.

Randall seemed so nonchalant about the whole thing, like none of it bothered him. No, that wasn’t right, he seemed to be riding some sort of high from it as if the creatures that they’d put down hadn’t been living people with souls just a short time ago. The young nun worried about that. About the souls of the dead and
Randall’s own. She was very quiet following Devin and Hannah into the Wayward.
It was one of the first things Hannah had discovered about working with Hunters. Everything was a rush. Not saying they were careless just that it was always an emergency. Still any fight you could walk away from was a good one!

The blonde lined up the vampire head on the nearby table and armed with pliers worked on pulling out the fangs, without breaking them, root and all.

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