Bleeding Out - Part 2 - Wayward Basement

“Are you sure you know which is which?” Devin asked taking the steps to the basement two at a time.

“The blonde, Curly haired, I saw her with Jason.” Jan replied. “I know it, I bet my life on it.”

“You’re betting his life on it, so you better be right!” Devin shot back.

In the basement, both hunters were secured to metal tables, both for their own security and for the security of the coven which surrounded them. The basement of the bar had been set up as a makeshift medical bay of sorts, but still, evidence of witchcraft was everywhere. Sigils marked the ground, hex bags hung from the walls, and an alter was set up in one corner of the room.

“They’re bad off,” one of the witches attending the wounded hunters said in a flat tone. “That one isn’t going to make it.”

Genevive could almost feel the power in the room, every sigil, every bit of ritual magic oozing it until it lay heavy and suffocating against her emotions. “What’s her name?” she asked the witch.


“Hi, Lucy,” the nun took the gravely injured woman’s hand with both of her own. “I’m Genevive. I’m going to stay with you, okay?”

“Okay, “ Lucy replied through gritted teeth. Both hands were scratching at the table, and sweat poured down her face.

“We can only try.” Hannah said extracting a tooth front he blond curly hair decapitated head. It was all they could do. “Where both of them turned by the same one?” Hannah asked.

“I didn’t see who bit her, Jason was new, first out - I… was watching his back - we just didn’t think there were so many of them.” Jan went to work on another head, yanking out the fangs with a pair of pliers.

JP with Winters, Noemi and Blitzen

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