Bleeding Out pt 3 - Wayward Basement

Lucy’s hand twitched in Gigi’s then clenched tightly as a wave of pain took her. The nun went pale but didn’t pull back. “I’m here, Lucy. It’s okay. Try to breathe through it.” The Hunter didn’t seem to hear.

Hanna nodded passing teeth and the blood to Devin to prep it for the one they knew who got bit. That didn’t stop Hannah from going back to extract more teeth. Just in case.

Devin went to work at the altar, taking a mortar and pestle with her. Garlic, sage, and the blood of the sire vamp. She knelt in the circle, chanting in Latin as she worked. “Enough for two,” she told Hannah. “What do you think, chance it?”

“We are out of time. If we don’t do it now we lose them both.” Hannah nodded looking at the pair of young hunter writing on the tables.

“We got the buckets ready?” She asked.

“How squeamish are you, Genevive?” Jan added.

“You may want to plug your nose.” Hannah advised.

“I’ll be fine,” she reassured them, her face still on Lucy’s. “Shh, Lucy. Shh. Would you like to pray with me?”

“No,” an adamant squeeze stopped Genevive’s offer in its tracks then Lucy’s body tensed and held as she fought the evil inside of her.

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