Bleeding Out - Part 4 - Wayward Basement

“Good luck,” Devin told Jason, as Jan held his head steady and Hannah forced his jaw open. Devin spooned a decent size amount of ‘goop’ down his gullet.

“Gi, could you hold her head? Make sure you don’t get bit. Even one drop... there’s no coming back.” The tattooed girl explained.

“Lucy. Lucy, I need my hand. Lucy,” the nun struggled and pulled it free. “Like this?” she asked, palms firmly on either side of Lucy’s head, fingers tucked back at the second knuckle to keep them away from the mouth.

“Good!” Devin encouraged. “Hannah, - jaw!” Jan was keeping an eye on Jason, machete ready, just in case.

Hannah worked carefully to pry the girl’s mouth open. “I know, I know, come on ... almost there!“

“Fangs,” Devin said, eyeing Hannah. Just like with Jason, she let a full spoon of the glob drop down the back of Lucy’s throat. “And---- now we wait.” And hope, she added silently.

Gigi leaned in and saw what Devin meant. Fangs, bright white and sinister, visible grew in Lucy’s mouth as she watched. Lucy thrashed, making the nun jerk back but she kept her hands on either side of the girl’s head. “How long will it take?” she asked, looking between Devin and Hannah. “It’s going to work.”

“Pretty quick, usually you know when --”

“Gonna puke!” Jason warned, before doing just that. Jan made sure the older boy’s head was turned to the side away so he wouldn’t drown on his own vomit.

“That’s one.” The blonde said relieved. One more go. “Just let it all out kid …” Hannah said patting the kids back.

“Come on, Lucy. Come on. Fight it and let it come out of you. You are stronger than the darkness inside you.” Despite Lucy’s earlier protest Genevive was praying, just not out loud. [i]Gentle St. Dymphna, patron of those with illnesses, be my intercessor to Jesus, the Divine Physician…[/i[

Jan cut Jason’s leg’s free along with one arm, so the young man could throw up in the pail rather than projecting wherever he happened to be facing.

“I -- need to throw up,” Lucy proclaimed, dry heaving, before gurgling and gagging. She spat straight up towards the nun before the words completely left her mouth. Blood - great big, clotted dark masses of foul-smelling blackish bloodshot with a force known only to newborns and Vesuvius.

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