Bleeding Out pt 5 - Wayward Basement

Genevive...dripped. Blood from the earlier encounter had polka dotted her face but it disappeared under the foulness that came out of Lucy. To her credit, the nun kept her grip on the girl’s head even as her own stomach tumbled. Gigi held the nausea back with gritted teeth. Bits of it dripped from her hair, falling back down on Lucy’s face. Gigi dipped her head and rubbed it against her own shoulder, enough to clear her mouth and nose anyway though her eyes were still shut. “Did it work?”

Hannah winced as the poor Nun was covered in the gunk. “Oooo … Let me get you a towel …” As she carefully started to pat dry the Nun, laying the towel around her shoulder.

“Seriously you’re doing great.” She encouraged. Many by now would have run for the hill but the nun determination and grit seemed to be winning over the blonde witch.

The entire contents of Jason’s body were being emptied into the bucket he held, the boy was in for a rough night, and for an even worse next few days, but he’d live.

“Why don’t you bring her upstairs, get a shower, change of clothes, we can handle this.” Devin suggested, as Lucy started shrieking. “River’s up there I think.”

“No. I’ll stay,” she said. Gigi wanted to go, wanted to get a shower but what she wanted wasn’t what she was put here to do.

Hannah put a gentle hand on the nun’s shoulder. “All we can do is wait now … so in the meantime, you can at least clean up. There is still plenty to do.” The witch assured Gigi.

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