Bleeding out - Part 6 - Wayward Basement

Lucy hissed and howled, guttural noises escaping her throat in a disgusting symphony alongside Jason’s retching. “Now would be a good time.” Devin encouraged.

“I’ll stay,” she said, voice rising to be heard over the unholy noise. “She deserves someone to stay with her.” Gigi stepped back and used the towel to wipe her face mostly clear. Gigi went and got a stool then put it by the table where Lucy was bound.

Devin flashed her eyes towards Hannah, then lowered her voice. “It’s too late,” she said softly to Gigi, hoping the nun would get the gist of what she meant. “You should go upstairs.”

“No!” Jason protested in-between vomiting, his voice echoing in the half-filled bucket. One hand was still tied to the table, Jan had little trouble holding the weak man back.

Hannah with a heavy sigh feather a machete from the corner in spite of Jason’s protest. She looked to the Nun giving her one more chance to leave. This was ugly business and the Nun was still new to this all. No one could blame her if this was too much too fast.

Lucy’s fangs fully extended, exposing rows of shark like teeth as she pulled on her restraints. Once again, Jason hollered in protest. “You can’t!” he cried. “Please!”

“Would you?” she looked up at Devin then back at what had been Lucy. The nun knew what was coming and bowed her head, lips moving in silent prayer. Her shoulders tensed as she waited for the horrible thunk that would end it.

Devin grabbed the top of Lucy’s head and pulled back, nodding to Hannah as Jan held on to the vomiting Jason.

Hannah brought the sharp blade down in one smooth motion, in two-strikes Hannah has separated the girl from her head. Blood spraying nearly everyone in the room. Losing any of their number was hard Hunter or Witch, They knew though you had to be hard and decisive. Lives depended on it. No one wanted to become the monsters they hunted.

Gigi jerked at each blow but kept her head down until Lucy knew the still peace of death. She reached out and took the girl’s hand and held it, feeling the warmth fade. “I’ll - I’ll stay and clean up. I’d like that shower when I’m done,” she said.

JP Winters, Noemi, Blitzen

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