Bleeding out - Part 7 - Wayward Basement

Jan brought her a dress.

While he was gone Genevive had cleaned up most of the mess though very little could be done about the sweaty old penny stench of blood overlaid with garlic, both of them aggressively slashed with the sharp pine smell of the cleaner she'd used to wipe things down and mop the floor. Obviously the room was no stranger to any of the scents based on the well stocked cabinet of cleaning supplies kept on hand.

"Never bought a dress before," the lanky blonde boy said as he held it out for Genevive's approval. "The sales lady looked at me funny. Is it the right size?"

Gigi nodded, her face a bit cleaner now but her hair and clothing still in desperate need of a wash. "You did very well, Jan. I think Lucy would have liked it." She took it from him and hung it out of the way, the Goodwill tag still on it.

"I can do this part better by myself," that was a lie but one she didn't hesitate to utter. The nun didn't know how close the boy and Lucy had been and she didn't know if he'd ever washed and laid out a body before. Parts of it were indelicate at best not to mention how even touching a corpse was something most people just found unpleasant. Men that could gun down monsters and their fellow man sometimes couldn't bear to prepare a body for burial. Jan was sweet, thought of others before himself, and Gigi wanted the boy to keep that innocence as long as he could.

"I can stay," he said.

"I know, Jan. I know," she took his hand with both of hers and patted it, then held onto it as she walked him towards the exit. "Will you come back in half an hour? Maybe bring some pretty flowers for her to hold," she suggested, giving the boy a reason to excuse himself.

He looked at Gigi, the gentle smile on her face so out of place with the mess. "Yeah. Flowers. That'd be good right?" Slowly, looking back several times, Jan left.

The smell was still there when he came back, nothing to be done about it except give it time. Gigi was just washing her hands into a bucket full of dark, stained water. Lucy lay on the table, dressed and clean and with her hands folded across her stomach. Gigi had put the poor girl's head back in place then covered it with a neatly folded towel to hid the damage.

"I got her flowers," he said and held them out, some still with dirt on the roots where he had pulled them out of the ground.

"They're pretty. You did a good job, Jan." Gigi neatened them up with a few cuts and then arranged them under Lucy's hands before going to stand beside the tall Hunter.

"She didn't want to pray with me. I don't know if she's religious or not but it doesn't matter. She's with God now, I know it." Gigi took a deep breath then turned to look up at Jan. "I'm going to go up and see Devin and Hannah about getting cleaned up. Come join us when you're ready."

"You're a good boy, Jan," she added and patted him on the arm as she left.

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