You Gotta Fight For Your Right

With the rush of hunters, Alec had to guess this was the triumphant hunting party here to save the day. Remembering several of his own near death situations, he knew the people downstairs were in good hands.
Someone approached Frank, signaling Alec to lean back and exit their previous conversation. With a full stomach and a new course of action, he finally realized just how tired he was. A couple days of rest and he would be ready to go.
Getting out a torn and worn journal, he began thumbing through it. Each page contained everything he had learned in his travels, with additions made when possible, such as now.
Wendigo research: Although more supernatural in their creation, proper Wendigo age as a normal beast would. Of course, they are disturbingly long lived, but they do steadily grow in stature. While normally nearing the size of moose, I have heard tales from the tribes of truly massive beasts that slumber for ages after a hunger mad rampage.
A hunt best made with a partner... or two.
This passing thought took a moment to take it’s rightful place in his mind.
With another apprentice, he could get more research done. Something he could leave for others after his passing.
While getting hyped by the idea, his ears caught an unmistakable sound.
There again, a second distant thud that would be lost to anyone without a trained ear.
One of the injured had turned.
It definitely ruined the mood that had been building, but right now it served to embolden the old hunter.
While this was just another of the many “perks” of the job, he wanted to ensure that these events happened less.
Once things calmed down, he could see about recruitment. For now, another iced tea would do.

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