The Road So Far - Lake Eerie (Part 2)

“NO! You can’t coffee! Really Rigo?! REALLY?” Saint squeaked.

“So when can I have Coffe and Smoke?” River asked put out.

“Thirteen.” Saint said sagely.

“Why Thirteen?” River asked nose scrunched.

“It has teen in it.” Saint said as if that was sound logic.

“But … Rigo said…” River complained.

“Rigo would ditch you in a heartbeat. Don’t listen to him. Listen to me. You’ll go further.” Saint said arms crossed.

“OJ it is …” River sighed. “ we’re going to a lake?”

“No. I’m going to a lake. You two are going to Cedar Rapids.” Rigo corrected, taking a look at his map. “Should only be about 7… 8 hours out of the way.”

The duo groaned and started protesting at the same time.

“... How am I supposed to learn if you keep sidelining me...”

“... this is SO my wheelhouse …”

“...I’m not a KID Tio! …”

“... I’m WAY smarter than him! …”

Then they started bickering at each other.

“ … what do you MEAN smarter than me …”

“... I mean that can read a book …”

“Hey, look, food’s here.” Rigo interjected. “We can all shut up and eat. One of us, mijo has to babysit, and since you can’t take point, that’s you. They’ll be plenty of time after Utah. This is a long ass list.”

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