Box of Rain (Wayward) Part 1

After a quick thank you to Frank, Randall made his way to a corner table and began cleaning the shotgun. He broke it down, scraped off as much carbon as he could, and then applied oil to all of the moving parts to ensure smooth operation. He did a function check to ensure everything worked properly, then put it on safe and returned it to the van.
He had just re-entered when he saw Genevive appear. She seemed a little worn down, and he guessed at least one of the Hunters hadn’t made it.
“You all right?” he asked. “You need a drink?”
The smile was automatic, given because it was expected and it was always about others, never herself. “It’s kind of you to ask,” she answered. “I’m well, thank you. I was going to see if Devin or Hannah could show me where to wash up and perhaps borrow a dress.” She hesitated, as if she felt there was something more she should say, then gave another automatic smile and left.
“Can you point me to-”
The person tending the bar was helpful and Gigi soon found Devin and Hannah. The women couldn’t have been more different, City Mouse and Country Mouse, but they were alike in their resolve to do what must be done. Gigi held an enormous amount of respect for them already. “Lucy is -” what? The nun stopped talking and just let it hang out there until she realized nothing else needed to be said.
“I’m so sorry to ask, but do either of you have a spare set of clothes I can borrow? I’ll wash and bring them back tomorrow first thing in the morning,” she promised.
There was the rapid thumping sound of someone running down the stairs. “HANNAH! DEVIN!” River said bounding up in full childish glee. She came to a screeching halt. “Oh! OOOO you all reek! What did you do KILL Swamp Thing?!” The kid reeled back pinching her nose trying not to gag. “Oh! It’s like I can taste it.” The girl said waving the air in front of her.
“It’s good to see you too kid.” Hannah said suppressing a chuckle.
“Ixnay on the Ill-Kay,” Devin replied.
Saint hooted at the spectacle.
“I can SO turn you into a frog.” Hannah said to Saint dryly which only caused him to laugh harder.
“Can you?” River said looking impressed.
“No … not yet.” Hannah admitted. “Gigi you can borrow some of my clothes. Less you want a crop top and booty shorts.” She offered.
“Shorter the shorts, the bigger the tips, that’s all I’m saying.” Devin said with a shake of her head, “Come on, you can grab a shower this way.”

“Thank you. It’s very kind,” she said to both of them, relieved that the Country Mouse had stepped in first to offer clothes. She wasn’t judging but - well, Devin had a certain look that Gigi didn’t think she could pull off.

But first there was something much more important to worry about; a child.

Genevive smiled down at River but neither knelt nor bent down. Her voice was conversational too when she spoke. “I’m very sorry for the smell. It’s mostly my fault,” she said and indicated her hair and clothing. “My name is Genevive.”

“Hi Miss Genevive. I’m River.” She said holding her nose. All three were ripe. “If you're hungry after you shower this place makes a really good cheese steak.”

“Yea yea. Let us clean up and we can catch up after.” Hannah said turning to guide Gigi to the showers.

“River, I would love some cheese steak later,” Gigi said as she followed Hannah. “I’ll get us one big enough to share and I might even have a story to tell you that you haven’t heard before.”

“Thank you very much, Hannah,” she said as the other woman handed over a change of clothes. They might be a little too long in the leg but that didn’t matter. “I suppose having a common shower is quite a necessity.” She turned on the water to let it warm up. “Hannah? Devin? Lucy’s family? What - who is going to tell them?”

“Lucy’s a hunter,” Devin interrupted. “I don’t think she had family. We can ask Jan, though. If she did, we’ll send someone on over, or have someone make the call.

“If I can, if it’s allowed and someone can tell me how much discretion to use with specifics, I’d like to go when they notify her family.” The water was hot now, steam spilling from the stall. “I’ll come down in a bit. Thank you again.”

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