Box of Rain (Wayward) Part 4

“Thank you, Randall. I will. The Order saw that I received training with firearms but, it’s just all so American to me. No wonder you make so many cowboy movies.” The nun smiled and went on. “What other things besides Dead Man’s Blood should I procure for my firearm? And can either of you recommend one for me to acquire?”

“Depends on what you’re going against. Silver… silver is always a good idea. Everyone I know carries a good bit of silver, at least one good knife. Holy water…” Jan grinned. “One of the best weapons in my pack - hand held super soaker. Saved my bacon more than once. And a Machete, Decapitation can take care of a lot of things. Then you need basics, like salt, and iron. Like I said, really depends on what you’re fighting. There’s a lot of… improvisation. “

“I understand why Randall drives a van now,” she said, testing her emotional state and theirs with a very small joke. “I can’t drive so I’ll have to be economical. I do want a small satchel, something that will fit the Bible, and I could add a few things like a pistol.” She’d have to talk to her contact and see if they could arrange proper documentation for her to carry one in case she was stopped.

“Why do you need a gun for?” River who had been hiding in the wings and came presenting the Nun with a hot plate of food. She had been nice to her, so River had decided that she liked to be the newest hunter in the pub. “Your Bible is way more powerful and effective to a lot more things than a gun could ever be.” The kid had no idea what was everyones obsession with firearms was. They rarely ever worked and didn’t justify the armory some Hunters carted sound. Most of the time it only served to slow whatever they were hunting down.

“It’s not my Bible,” she said as she leaned back a little bit so River could put the plate down. “It’s the Bible. It belongs to everyone,” Genevive added and scooted over to one edge of her seat and patted the empty spot for River. “Is this the famous cheesesteak?”

“If you light it on fire and throw it at a Wendigo,” Jan snickered. “And one cheese steak, Squirt?” He pointed between him and Randall. “Did I lose my status?”

“Yup! You said Hi to everyone but me!” The jilted River said crossing her arms nose playfully in the air. “Heck even RIGO got a Hello but I'm the one that brings you food … I see how it is.” She wasn’t genuinely mad but he was going to have to work a little if he wanted to get served that tasty, tasty, cheesesteak! “And yes! Rigo says Vampire hunting builds an appetite and possibly character.” River eyed Jan. “Then again …”

“Then again, you’re listening to Rigo.” He replied with half a grin. “I didn’t realize they had you waiting tables.”

Genevive had been about to offer her plate of food to Jan when she realized that it wasn’t a legitimate complaint. He and the girl were being playful and obviously knew one another. It wasn’t exactly what some might approve of but there was nothing really wrong with it. River seemed to be having fun and it gave the little girl a chance to practice her self confidence. Jan, well she already trusted him and didn’t think he was doing anything more than, at worse, the teasing a big brother might do to a little sister. It was actually rather cute.

“Even Rigo comes up with a good idea every so often.” River snickered, just no to loudly Rigo had disturbingly long ears. “Besides! Gotta earn them Roy Rogers!”

Lucy was, and then she wasn’t. Jason would be okay. There was booze, cheese steaks and stories, but all conversations stopped when another newcomer crossed the threshold.

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