The Road So Far - Lake Eerie - (Part 3)

“Why not just lock her in the trunk with some food and water.” Though it was hard to tell if he was serious or joking.

“Heeeeeyyyy!” River complained. “What’s in Utah? Something big?” She asked curiously.

“So I’m a horrible person for saying yes to coffee, and your solution is to lock her in the trunk?” He shot back to his nephew, as he spread jam on his toast. “Besides, you love Roller coasters. And they have water slides for -- “ he waved his toast absently towards River.

“Yea … leave her with healthy proper food and stuff … like you know … chicken nuggets and stuff.” Saint said crunching on some bacon.

“Wow … how did either of you survive childhood.” River said dryly, mouth full.

“We managed, and we did it quietly.” Rigo replied, taking another bite of toast. “I-77 is probably the most direct route. If we leave after breakfast, you may actually get to hit two days at the park.” Sure he was selling it a bit hard -- but what kid could resist an amusement park?

“Rather get eaten by a shark.” River muttered into her pancakes.

“So is this how it’s going to go down every time now?” Saint sighed.

“What do you want me to say, Santiago?” Rigo asked. “No, this isn’t how it’s going to go down every time, but a lot of the time? Yes. I get it -- you’re going to have to learn eventually, but it’s not like she can be left alone, and it’s not like I can pretend every day is Bring Your Daughter to work day.” Him -- Saint could pass for an intern easily, dress him up in a suit, kid looked 19, 20 easy. “So until I figure something out? You’re gonna have to have a little patience.”

River couldn’t figure out Rigo. Hot one moment cold the next. Didn’t care about what she drank or ate but didn’t want her left alone in a room. “Why not just leave in a hotel room then. You know I’ll stay put. Even if I don’t is no skin of your nose.” She pointed out.

Saint just bopped her on the head. “Just … you … stay quiet and let the semi adults talk.”

“Super mature there.” River said flatly.

“Thanks.” Saint snarked back.

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