Neon Knights 3 (The Wayward)

“I have been called upon in the past. In that time, I picked up a thing or two about you shady bunch.”

The old knight couldn't help but nod in agreement at Alec's little ending descriptor. Some in the Order may have taken offence to it; Sigmund for his sins however was just happy to have changed the subject. In truth 'shady bunch' was perhaps too kind a label for Europe's foremost organization in the fields of 'boogeymanning' and 'general sneaky bastardness'.

It was certainly relieving to know that Alec had worked alongside the Order in the past and it sated Sigmund's curiosity, for the time being at least. This is of course if he was telling the truth, but Sigmund was far too exhausted for suspicion... Besides there was an earnestness about old hunter that one didn't see very often, not among the Order at least.

“Well, if it’s a meal you need, no finer place than the Wayward and if you’re here to help, I’ll buy.”

“In terms of work, I personally bother Frank, the other old man here, he can usually point you where you need to go.”

Sigmund made a swift mental note of the name. He'd seek this Frank out the moment he'd settled in, provided nothing pressing arose in the interim at least. In the meantime however he had far more pressing concerns...

“And put whatever this man is having in my tab.”

...Like a free meal! Ordinarily Sigmund would've politely declined such an offer. But given that he'd not actually thought about changing money since arriving in the States, he wasn't about to rebuff the generosity. Though in truth it was more for fear of passing out before he could reach a bureau de change than anything else.

"That's most generous, thank you." He said appreciatively before turning to the bartender "I'll have... the beef soup with dumplings please, with something chocolate to follow. Oh and a glass of Vin Santo if you have it... danke"

Turning back to Alec, Sigmund extended a hand and a weary smile to the fellow Hunter. "We've yet to be properly introduced. I'm Sigmund. Or Ritterkaptin Sigmund Johann Weisinger... if you prefer the full title. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance."

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