The Road So Far - Lake Eerie (Part 4)

“Because things are after you- so no, I can’t just leave you alone in a hotel room. I know at least Saintiago can use a gun and handle himself in a fight, You couldn’t go down to a hotel lobby without getting yourself kidnapped.” He replied.

“One time!” River complained.

Saint tried not to puff under the compliment.

“None of this is ideal, but it’s what we have to work with.” Rodrigo told them both, matter of fact. He liked it less than both of them combined, but bellyaching about it wouldn’t solve anything. “So go on, use the bathroom, wash up, I don’t want to make any stops before Ohio.” He settled the bill by throwing cash at the table as he stood up.

River groused, Saint grumbled but both did as they were tole and tromping off in their varied style to the bathroom.

Rigo twirled the keys on his index finger, handing them off to his nephew so he could drive the first leg of the trip. The Challenger was gassed up, there was a cooler in the back with some snacks and water and the older Ortez had a brief moment of melancholy remembering back to being in the backseat himself while his father let Diego drive when they’d go on hunting trips. Hopefully the drive would be uneventful.

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