Takin' Care of Business (The Wayward)

Devin leaned her elbows on the bar, surveying the room until Egg's sandwich was done. It'd been a long day, double scramble on rye, double cheese, hold the bacon. She was beat, Hannah had to be beat, and Jan was a few sheets to the wind as he talked with his new army buddy. She might have briefly dozed off until the *ding* of an order up brought her back to her senses.

"Here ya go," she told Egg, setting the plate in front of her. "Double scramble on rye, double cheese, hold the bacon." In her other hand, she brought a fresh iced tea for Alec, he wasn't much one for drinking. "Listen, when you're finished, last run went less than ideal. We have one in the basement, a duffel bag full of --" She drew a line across her throat with her finger. "We were fresh out of fangs, soon as we pull and grind them, if you could do your thing, it'd be appreciated. Few of the Jersey hunters have a barn full they're cleaning up. Gonna be a busy night in the basement." She eyed the newcomer, but if Alec were talking to him, it was most probably likely somewhat okay.

"You need anything else, you let me know," she said to the new guy. "I'm Devin, welcome to the Wayward."

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