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Summary: The owner of Bluefalls

Mr. Frost

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Gender: Male

Age: 65?

Group: Residents of Bluefalls




The richest man in town, he actually owns the whole town
He has knowledge on everyone in town, knowing everything about them, even their darkest secrets. He keeps order in the whole town by having a puppet system, making others doing things in order to keep peace.
Has incredibly speed, making it look like he teleports but he actually doesn't.


The richest man in town
The owner of Bluefalls

Physical Appearance

He's very thin and tall, reaching a height of 7'2. He has piercing blue eyes, snow white hair and pale skin. He's always seen wearing a white suit, white dress pants and white dress shoes.

Personality and interests

He is a very cold man, his very presence causes chills down people's spines. He is very straight forward about things, but sometimes he is very mysterious. He can stop laughter with a look, his very voice is like the cold of winter. A room gets colset whenever he enters it. Some people when they look in his eyes are frozen in fear.


Not much in known about Mr. Frost, but one thing is certain, he's the one who actually controls the town, using a puppet system to keep order and peace. Some people say he is the physical form of the spirit of the Frostwoods.


Fear presence- He creates a powerful fear presence that causes people to either freeze in fear or feel if they are in a blizzard. He uses suppresses this.

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Image of Mr. Frost
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