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Summary: Beast of Frostwoods

The Black Wendigo

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Gender: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Group: Dwellers of the Frostwoods




A monster that hunts in the woods
Claws – long claws which it uses to slash its prey.
Enhanced senses – enhanced senses of smell and hearing, as well as the ability to hunt in complete darkness.
Superhuman strength and speed – The consumption of human flesh gives it the ability to tear humans limb from limb as well as incredible speed, making them incredibly stealth hunters.


Beast of Frostwoods

Physical Appearance

A very tall creature, standing at a height of 8'11, this creature has black limbs with red war paint on it. It has red eyes. Now it wears a deer skull that has a cloak of feathers attached to it, many people mistake the skull as its actual head. Under the skull it has every deformed humanoid face with razor sharp teeth and sunken eyes.

Personality and interests

The creature is very deathly, either using its speed and stealth to hunt its victims or using deception. Either way, by the time you see it, you might as well be dead.


The black wendigo has tormented the town of Bluefalls due to the fact it preys on those who get lost in the woods. It has been known by the locals for decades.


Voice mimicry – it can imitate human to lure prey.
Immortality – With the continued consumption of human flesh and its ability to hibernate, it can theoretically live forever.

Invisibility- It can turn itself invisible for a couple of moments, though you can still see the blurry shape of the creature.

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Image of The Black Wendigo
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