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Summary: Mayor of Bluefalls

Frank Johnson-NPC

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Gender: Male

Age: 45

Group: Residents of Bluefalls




Mayor of Bluefalls
He makes the laws of the town, and picks the sheriff



Physical Appearance

He is a short man, at a height of 4'11, he is fat and bald. He wears nice suits and other dress clothing. He has brown eyes, light tanned skin, and what's left of his hair on his balding scalp is brown

Personality and interests

Frank is actually a very timid man, who doesn't have an ounce of a backbone. He is very easy to push around and is easily scared


Frank had lived a nice and simple farmer life in his childhood. When he was older, he got a job at the town's mechanics. That changed when the next election arrived and he decided to join it for unknown reasons. He was then "voted" in as the next town mayor and has kept that title for 15 year. Many believe someone pulled some strings to get him there.


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Image of Frank Johnson-NPC
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