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Summary: Playboy of Bluefalls

Jameson Barone

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Gender: Male

Age: Looks 22, actually 137

Group: Residents of Bluefalls




He's the town's playboy, and is seen in the town's club with many women
He actually knows hand to hand combat very well


Bluefalls' playboy

Physical Appearance

A pale handsome man with dark hair, light blue eyes and at the height of 5'2

Personality and interests

He is very charming and charismatic. He is very gentlemen like, being very civilized in even the most chaotic places. He is also very cheerful most of the times and is barely angry.


Jameson arrived to America from London in hope of meeting new people and falling in love. He met a female vampire who was named Jacqueline. They both fell in love with each other and moved to Bluefalls, Jameson was turned soon after. Sadly Jacqueline was murdered by a wendigo that was terrorizing the town, it was called the Winter Wendigo. Jameson became a playboy after losing his lover, afraid of falling in love agian and to lose them.


Superhuman strength and speed. Enhanced senses.
Hypnosis- it only affects humans he makes look into his eyes.
Blood magic- a magic he uses to turn his blood into weapons

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Image of Jameson Barone
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