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Summary: The beautiful and loving Wife of a famous Novelist

Yasmine Kristov-Valentine

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Gender: Female

Age: 29/????

Group: Residents of Bluefalls


D'Jinn (Demon)

A creature of classical lore known to for using glamores and granting their Masters wishes.


Yasmine is known to moonlight as an Artist and best known for her talent to restore classical works of art.
Yasmine in a Djinn and knows a few spells. Mostly glamors and simple restorations and enchantments
Yasmine like most Djinn can also grant almost any wish but never for herself and Alex (her husband) has already used up his three.



Physical Appearance

An attractive woman of mixed decent with rather striking features and a smile that often hints a some mischief or other.

Yasmine stands just shy of 5'6" with bright crystal blue eyes and full red lips. Her hair is obviously a naturally darker at the roots dyed blond and worn long.

Personality and interests

Yasmine clearly adores her husband and does whatever she needs to to see to it that he wants for nothing. While at the same time trying to stay out from under foot when the muse hits.

Yasmine herself is clearly Intelligent, gifted, and amazingly talented when it comes to her own artistic side. Her biggest problem seeming to be a total lack of motivation and creative direction beyond the want and need for self expression itself.


Yasmine is perhaps best known as the young and attractive wife of the well known Novelist & Writer Alexander Valentine.

What almost no one knows is that Yasmine is a Djinn once bound by ancient magics to an sacred vessel and cursed to serve the whims of whomever possessed it. This was until 10 years ago when that vessel fell into the hands of a writer in New York City who by chance and dumb luck managed to awaken her from a several century long slumber and in the span of a few short minutes succeeded using all three wishes.

To be wealthy, To become a famous and well known writer, and for her to stay with him always. " If she didn't mind to much.. "

Yasmine finding the young man charming and not to worried about the span of a single lifetime agreed to grant these wishes and has been with him ever since.


Yasmine's abilities are divided into two area's.

As a Djinn of course Yasmine is a creature of spirit and elemental energies that can assume human shape of her choosing at will. A shape that is oftentimes based upon the her original appearance and influenced by the desires of her Master.

As a Djinn she can also grant almost any wish. ' Aladdin and most folk legends have it wrong however because she can in fact kill someone, make someone love another, and bring back the dead.

That all said Yasmine cannot use any of these powers given that she only agreed to grant three wishes and her current 'Master' has already used all of his wishes.

Subsistence wise Yasmine needs only for life energies and water. Sometimes when her energies are exhausted Yasmine must return to her vessel to rest for a day or even several weeks depending.


Yasmine as it happens is impossibly old and has learned a few simple tricks and spells.

Glamors ( Illusions and Cosmetic spells to enhance her or others appearance.)

Simple Restorations ( She can fix things like paintings and simple devices Restoring them to like new condition.)

*Enchantment's ( Love spells, Luck Spells, Curses, Protective Magics and a host of other spells.)

* The lesser spells are quick and simple affairs while the more powerful ones take time and resources to cast.

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Image of Yasmine Kristov-Valentine
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