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Summary: A famous novelist

Alexander Valentine

Gender: Male

Age: 29

Group: Residents of Bluefalls







Physical Appearance

A rather skinny man with medium length dark hair. Tends to slouch. Wears expensive clothes that don't seem to fit his personality.

Personality and interests

Alex is a somewhat introverted man with a big imagination. He enjoys books and writing, and also old horror movies. He is a kind soul yet very unsure of his own abilities.

He also is head over heels for his wife Yasmine.


Alex was a struggling writer working in a bar when he encountered Yasmine, a djinn who granted him three wishes.

Those wishes were:
1. To be wealthy
2. To be a successful writer
3. That she would be with him always

Now the two are married and living in an estate located near Bluefalls, WA.


No remarkable abilities aside from being a decent writer, which is more than some notable authors and screenwriters can attest to.

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Image of Alexander Valentine
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