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Summary: Those who have been murdered in the Lake.

The Drowned-NPC

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Gender: Male and female

Age: Unknown

Group: Inhabitants of Greyrock Lake


Undead- Freshwater Ghoul

A type of ghoul that are reanimated after dying in freshwater. Highly aggressive and has little intelligence.


Creatures that are known for dragging people down into the lakes.
They are great swimmers, able to swim in the lake at ease. Covered in alga and other freshwater wildlife, giving them great camouflage. The never get tired, and are extremely strong, able to pic up small fishing boats with their two hands.


Freshwater undead

Physical Appearance

They vary on appearance, but they are always covered in freshwater wildlife, they are at least partially decomposed. Some are just skeletons with freshwater wildlife growing on them, others are more human like, just looking like they are super pale humans with a lily pad growing on their shoulders.

Personality and interests

They are highly aggressive creatures, groaning with gurgling noises as they grab animals and people that enter their domain, pulling them down to the Lake's depths. They work together as they attack their prey. They don't come out of the lake unless it's at night, which during the night they ate the most active.


People who have drowned in the lake, and want revenge for those who killed them, which are the people who drowned them.


They are immune to most physical damage, only when their heads are chopped off or crushed will they die. They can cause ghoul sickness if they bite someone, which causes the victim to have a high fever, nausea, diarrhea, dizziness, and vomiting.

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