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Summary: I'm just miss right now not miss forever

Ryn Alistair

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Gender: female

Age: 23

Group: Residents of Bluefalls


Siren and succubus





Physical Appearance

Red hair
Slim hut curvy
Silver eyes that turn gold when her powers are in use.

Personality and interests

She is outgoing and friendly but also takes nothing off of anyone.


She was born on the coast of Australia but was forced to leave as a small child when her mother went on the run. From her father
Ryn was very young when she learned what she was. She was 6 years old the first time she changed in the water. It had been painful and terrifying. Her mother found her and took her home. Her mother explained everything and taught her about her song and how to perfect it. She taught her about the ocean and being one with nature. It wasnt until she quit puberty at 13 that she learn about the other things she could do.
That's when she learned about her father. Her mother tried her best to help her with that side of her self but since she wasnt of it she could help much. Ryn had to teach her self step by step.
Her mother died when she was 15 and left Ryn everything. She now lives in the cabin that was her mother's just outside of town on the edge of the much so that her " porch and deck" are actually a dock and peir. The siren part of her always loved being so close to the water.
She works in town at one of the gentlemen club where she is a singer dancer and some bartender when she's not on stage.


She is part siren part succubus so her powers a a mix of the two

From her siren side she gained the power to hypnotize and manipulate men's desires and emotions with her voice. Specifically her song. As well as having heightened senceses and reflexes.

From her succubus side she gained the power of illusion/ glamorous. Charisma and seduction.

Unfortunately these do come with down sides

Down side of having siren blood is transforming in body's of water like lakes rivers and oceans. (Not pools, showers, tubs ect.)
Down side of having succubus blood is that she never knows if men actually like her or if it's her charisma. And she never knows if she actually likes them or if she's just hungry. She also very allergic to solver. Also
she again needs to feed But off of sexual energy. Hints why she works as a dancer for a bunch of sleazy men. It's the fastest and easiest way to feed.

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Image of Ryn Alistair
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