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Summary: Lord of Bluefalls Cemetery

Vladimir Zervos

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Gender: Male

Age: 275

Group: Residents of Bluefalls cemetery


Grim Vampire- A type of Vampire that has been exiled from a vampire court. They are like feral vampires, but they are like Elder Vampires for feral vampires.


Lord of Bluefalls Cemetery.
Super strength, super speed, sharp claws and fangs. Able to covert humans into vampires. Controls his Drained, and anyone he has converted into vampires.


Grim Vampire

Physical Appearance

Tall and slender, long ears, sunken red eye, long sharp teeth, bald head, and a large scar going across his face. Wears dark clothing.

Personality and interests

Crude, easy to anger, likes to torment people. Send people to do his dirty work. Wants to take over Bluefalls.


Vladimir used to belong to a Court known as the Red Rose Court. The same court that Jaqueline was in. The two of them formed a brutal rivalry, that lead Vladimir to be exiled from the Court. Jaqueline was however promoted. Enraged by these he hunted her down, however he didn't get the pleasure of killing her.


Shadow magic- He can transform into a shadow and slither through strong wards. Problem is that he must stay in shadow form was within the ward barrier. He can also mutilate shadows into blades.

Blood magic- He can control the blood that is inside his body, or blood he touches.

Hypnosis- He can hypothesize people by looking them in the eyes.

Flight- Has two bat like wings he uses for flight.

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Image of Vladimir Zervos
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