Image of Rebecca - NPC

Summary: The Ghost Girl that Haunts Parks Road Woods

Rebecca - NPC

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Group: Residents of Bluefalls






Haunt, Ghost, Specter, Watcher

Physical Appearance

To the majority Rebecca goes more or less unnoticed. A blur in a photo, a shadow on the wall, a cold chill when she stands to close.

When she is seen Rebecca is fairly unremarkable by all appearances. Rebecca is an attractive child with long blond hair wearing a simple summer dress and holding a pale blue teddy bear.

Personality and interests

Rebecca is dead so her day to day activities are fairly limited but in the end anything is better then boredom.

Rebecca mostly enjoys watching people do things and playing with her bear. Sometimes when she's really bored she lets herself be seen walking along Parks Road now and then.


Rebecca has little to no memories of either her life before or even how she died. ( Though she gathers from what the others that haunt the woods have told her. That it's very likely that she was kidnapped and murdered by the individual they all call the Gray man. )

Though she doesn't know the how and why of her death she does have a concept of the when. Which as far as she gathers was perhaps at some point in the 80's.



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Image of Rebecca - NPC
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