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Summary: A monster hunter

Jason Bexs

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Gender: Male

Age: 21

Group: Residents of Bluefalls


Cambion- an offspring of a human and a demon, usually an incubus or succubus. Due to their demonic heritage, the are immune to charms, hypnosis, and other mind affecting abilities. They also have magical abilities from their demonic side


Monster hunter
Excellent tracker, skilled in hand to hand combat, knows how to defeat many kinds of monsters, knows how to identify any monster. Though it will take him some time, he has to look at charaistics of the monster, however some creatures he cannot identify.


Monster Hunter

Physical Appearance

He usually wear a black hoodie with a tshirt underneath. He also wears blue jeans and white tennis shoes. He has short black hair, light tanned skin. Now his eyes normally look brown, but whenever he shows a lot of emotion or his demonic side they become orange and red with reptile like pupils.

Personality and interests

Protective, hates jerks, likes to make jokes in a fight, barley shows fear, but if you push the right buttons he can get very angry. He only goes after monsters that he sees are threats.


Jason comes from a small town in Arkansas, there he lived with his guardian Zack, who was a monster hunter. Zack trained Jason to be the best monster he could be. Then one day, Zack was killed in a hunt. The place he died was Bluefalls, Jason finding about this information decided to head to Bluefalls and find his Guardians killer, however he had no luck, but soon found the town was being tormented by evil beings, and decided to stick around to fight them off.


Immunity to any kind of charms, mind mutilation, etc.

Hellfire- can summon fire from hell to burn monsters to ash.

Regeneration- He is able to heal wound that most people wouldn't be able to. Though if he loses his arm it will take months for him to grow it back.

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Image of Jason Bexs
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