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Summary: A solitary werewolf acting as a protector to Bluefalls.

Logan Harbinger

Gender: Male

Age: 120

Group: Residents of Bluefalls


Formerly human/Shapeshifter/Werewolf/Rager





Physical Appearance

A physically imposing man with a long, dark, mane of hair and a slight beard. Often seen wearing a weathered leather coat and carrying his trusted Remington shotgun over his shoulder.

In his werewolf form he is pitch black with gold eyes, standing over eight feet tall with thick musculature.

Personality and interests

Logan tends to be alone due to his condition, which he has struggled to keep in check for many years. He is gruff and doesn't suffer fools. However he hides a caring heart and often makes it his job to look after the town of Bluefalls... hunting the more unsavory creatures who would threaten those he's sworn to protect.


Logan was born 120 years ago and lived in a rural farmstead in Virginia when he was first cursed with lycanthropy. Over the centuries he soon developed ways to keep the rampaging beast in his soul in check. Though it requires a level of commitment many werewolves simply do not have the capacity for. His is a life of constant checks and mindfulness, always one step ahead of his inner beast. A difficult life, but one he remains steadfast to.

He soon fell in with a pack of werewolves living in the Pacific Northwest. However he eventually came into conflict with the alpha of the pack due to his bloodlust and was cast out for trying to show them a better way. Jaded and cynical of his own kind, he retreated to the town of Bluefalls where he set himself up in a cabin very far from the town during full moons. He often works as a handyman and hunter. Though what he hunts isn't deer...

Due to his condition and the benefits its brought him he now serves as a sort of guardian to the people of Bluefalls. Hunting monsters who have no regard for the lives of others. And many know him and his talents come highly recommended.


As a werewolf he is granted heightened senses, even in human form. Sight, smell, and hearing are at a level well beyond human limits.

He is also significantly stronger, even in human form. However, in his rager form he is even stronger.

Due to the nature of the curse, in that it dictates two preset forms: his human and rager form, he has a sort of advanced healing factor as the magic of the curse continuously tries to maintain whichever form he is currently in. Granting him a measure of everlasting youth among other things. However this magic is ruled by the same physical laws as anything else, and he must have the necessary energy for the healing to work. Should he run out of stamina, he can perish silver bullet or no. This has the benefit of allowing him to eat basically anything without gaining weight.

Silver. As with any werewolf he is weak to silver and can die from a single silver bullet.

Attrition: Significant damage to his physical form will kill him should he be unable to provide the necessary energy to feed his healing factor.

Mooncall: On full moons, the "Call of The Moon" will send Logan into a rampage as his inner wolf takes control. In some cases, certain foes have been able to simulate a similar call in an attempt to trigger a transformation... though quickly regretted it.

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Image of Logan Harbinger
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