Image of Zanoth the Dark One

Summary: A foul demon from Hell

Zanoth the Dark One

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Gender: Male

Age: Ancient

Group: Dwellers of Dark Places(other)


Greater Demon
A powerful demon from Hell, due to its power and rank in Hell, it must leave a majority of its power in hell when entering the mortal realm.


He is incredibly fast and extremely strong. Able to break through walls with ease. He has sharp claws that can cut through steel.


The Dark One

Physical Appearance

He has sunken red eyes, sharp razor teeth, dark skin. He changes his form a bit, sometimes being beast like, other times being human like. Slender and skinny or large and bulky.

Personality and interests

He is sadistic, cruel, likes to torment people, likes to enrage people. He gains pleasure through twisted and violent acts.


Zanoth arrived to the mortal realm through a hell rift. There he began his reign of terror, killing any that got his way. Then a siren attacked him, forcing him to retreat to Australia. He then had to hide from hunters. He bumped into the child of the siren he killed and a incubus. They weaken him further. He was then forced to go into hiding, where he regain his strength. He found a nun in which he kidnapped, tormented, then raped. He left her while she was broken and barely hanging to life. He then went after the Siren that weakened him, absorbing her life force. He was however banished back to hell. Now after eight years he finally has returned, ready to torment this world agian.


Regeneration- Heals any wound in matter of seconds.
Immunity to charms, hypnosis, mind control, etc.

Life steal- can suck out the souls of anything by sucking it out through the mouth.

Nightmare- he causes terrifying hallucinations and nightmares to his victims.
Fire magic- Can make any kind of fire and use it.

Shadow magic- can use shadows as weapons and a way to sneak into places.

Pain magic- causes people to have any kind of pain to people

Madness magic- he can use this magic to drive people insane either by physical pain, nightmares, etc.

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Image of Zanoth the Dark One
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