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Summary: Spirits who manifest in the Physical World

Autumn People

Gender: Male/Female

Age: Unknown

Group: Dwellers of the Frostwoods


Ghosts / Summoned Spirits

Physical Appearance

To the vast majority, The Autumn People look like your typical street vagrants or homeless people. Most dressed in worn or ill fitting cloths with vacant expressionless faces and empty eyes that seemingly stare at the world around them and seeing nothing.

Personality and interests

Autumn People are simply spirits who manifest physically in the real world but derive no true pleasure from it. Trapped between worlds they have no interest in worldly matters.

Only two things draw the attention of the Autumn People.

The first being death or rather 'the dying' to whom they are drawn like flies feeding off the suffering. Some even suggesting that the Autumn People swarm in such large groups in an effort to sufficate or steal the dying individuals last breath.

The second is by summoning by a Witch or Warlocke who can using the right spells or talismans command the Autumn People to do their bidding.


Most had a life before they died but the memory of that life quickly faded away after death.


As Spirits the Autumn People have the Unique ability to manifest in a solid Physical form though only at night or in the deep and dark places where sunlight cannot reach.

The Autumn People have limited Kenetic abilities of which the hardly use. They can use them to open locks or gain access to buildings.

When a person has been gravely hurt or injured the Autumn People are known to appear in large numbers crowding around the victim offering the appearance of concerned onlookers. This however is a ruse as the Autumn People's intent is to Smuther and/or suffocating the victim as well as to prevent aid from being provided to the injuried. Afterwards whether the victim is alive for dead the Autumn People will disperse and melt into the background once again.

This character is not owned by anyone. You can adopt them if you become a member of this game.

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Image of Autumn People
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