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Summary: Small creatures that feed off of fear


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Gender: Male and Female

Age: Varies

Group: Dwellers of Dark Places(other)


They are shadow monsters that feed off of fear, usually not harmful unless influence of a greater force or evil they will bite people. Due to their small size this will only be dangerous when their are at least one hundred of them.


They feed off of fear. They are made out of darkness and shadows. They have small claws and razor teeth that can barely cut flesh unless in big groups.


Minor monsters

Physical Appearance

They are made out of darkness and shadows, but their forms will vary, their mouths and eyes will glow white.

Personality and interests

They make strange chattering noises and will laugh at random people to creep them out. If influence by a greater force or evil, they will hiss and actively attack people.


The shades are beings created by the essence of darkness and fear itself. They are feed off of fear and tend to gather around greater powers.


Can get through any barrier and move in shadows. They can be killed off by bright lights.
Ex: a really bright flash light will burn one away.

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Image of Shades-NPC
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