Embers In The Dark

Yasmine turned and blew Alex a kiss before closing the sliding doors to studio.

" So are we still good for that estate sale in Astoria ? " Were the last words Alex heard before the closed door cut off the conversation.

Alex smiled and turned his attentions to unpacking more of their stuff and getting things situated. Eventually he found himself down in the basement, getting some of his movie and game collection unpacked and on the shelf near the television. As he did this, he felt a chill in the room and something told him he wasn’t alone. He turned and found Rebecca sitting on the sofa with her teddy bear, she smiled at him.

“Well if it isn’t my partner in crime.” Alex smiled back at her. “You need something?”

She shrugged.

“I guess in your situation you don’t need much. Still, you decided to show yourself. I take it you wanted something?”

She got up off the couch and gestured to the nearby flight of stairs. Her brow furrowed in seriousness.

“You wanna show me something?” Alex asked.

Rebecca nodded.

Alex put down the DVD cases he had in his hands and followed Rebecca up the stairs. She went over to the large window looking out at the lake and stood there, she pointed to the lake.

“What’re you trying to show me?” Alex asked. He looked at the lake and tried to make out what she was pointing at specifically. He leered and scanned the water, the shore, and soon his eyes fell on the faint glow of what he could only guess was a cigarette burning in the dark. “Someone’s out there…” He looked to Rebecca. “Someone watching us?”

Rebecca nodded. Yet she didn’t look fearful, more curious.

Alex was about to call for Yasmine when he saw the cigarette get snuffed out. Almost in response to their conversation. “Weird…” His hand went to the pendants on his necklace.

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