A Fair Trade

" I actually came to see you...." she said looking around. " I have a sort of..family problem and was looking to see if you could help me get ahold of one of those protective charms...like Alex has" she stuck her hands in her pocket and smiled.

Yasmine seemed a surprised for a moment at Ryn's request giving her an odd look for a brief moment before finally shrugging her shoulders.

" Sure, I don't see why not …" She said setting aside the book she was reading and rose to her feet.

" You of course do understand that these kinds of favors do have a price? " Yasmine spoke softly making some simple motion with her hand turning the wrist left then right again in a semi circular motion. Then seeming to draw a charm very much like the one Ryn had seen before only this one made up of a trio small disks made of gold, silver, and jade attached to a long heavy gold chain appearing from the air itself and into Yasmine's waiting hand.

" Luckily mine is not a high price. A small thing really given my kind doesn't feed like yours. The memories of a single day from your youth. Good or Bad it doesn't really matter to me … Just think of that one day you wish you could forget forever and I'll make it go away and in trade you'll have what you desire."

Yasmine smiled warmly her eyes almost glowing. " All you have to do is say yes. "


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