Ryn's First Wish

She blinked back tears and nodded. That one. She didn't want to remember her mother, small or broken. She was a strong proud woman and that's how she wanted to remember her.

" ok I got it" part of her warned against it but another part said it was worth it to keep her self safe from the weirdo.


Yasmine nodded her agreement in turn, stepping forward until their eyes met and her hand reached to lightly touch Ryn's skin. Brushing aside the rogue curls from her face before pressing still closer until Yasmine's warm red lips pressed hers tasting like mint leaves and honey. The tip of Yasmine's tongue teasing as Ryn felt the memory of that day slowly fade until nothing of that day remained. Until all that remained was that moment and the taste of Yasmine's lips until she finally drew away.

"And Done…"

Yasmine smiled again warmly allowing Ryn room to breath once more. "See, it wasn't all that bad was it? I do try to make the exchange as pleasant as possible unless it must be otherwise but a word of warning that the next time the price will be much higher."

Yasmine than took hold of Ryn's hand and place the charm she had requested within it. " Keep it safe and it shall in turn keep you safe."

Yasmine offered a goofy smirk than motioning to the food on the table. " Cookie's or would you prefer something stronger ?"


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