Beyond the beyond ( and yes that's a sponge Bob reference)

Logan chuffed, amused. "I take it your daddy's an incubus then?" He regarded her awkward act of stuffing her face with fries with a small grin. "Bet he was a spicy one... Demon blood and all..." He leaned forward and finished off his burger. "Why did you come to this town then? To hide from your father? Can't imagine it's fun being so far inland for a siren..."

She nodded " yeah he is and don't know if spicy is the word for it." More like wacko. Her mind moved back into the past. " Yeah my mother moved us here when I was a kid..we used to leave right on the coast of Australia.. but when I was six ish she was running from him.. To tell you the truth I barely remember the sea...but I remember how hard it was for her."

He used his magic to then speak in Ryn's mother's voice, "Ryn, come outside! Please!"

Ryn stopped talking her head snapped twords the front door. That was impossible. She looked at Logan to see if he herd it. Her eyes wide. No way was her mother call her. " eaither I'm going nuts or my mother is calling me from beyond the beyond..I herd that right?" She was half hoping he'd say no. She reached in her pocket and pulled out the talisman Yasmin had gave her. She was never without it now days. Why the hell did weird shit keep happening to her? Could she just eat lunch in peace for five minutes?

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