A Spell of True Love

Yasmine turned offering Alex a warm smile touching his cheek lightly. " Sorry babe, the problem is that people with gifts and powers always worry me. You never know if it's controlling them or if they are controlling it. "

Yasmine shrugged then sighed.

" We don't even really know if the one who summoned them was interested in us or in Ryn. That said if they left something or cast some spell Rebecca will find it in … "

The name had barely been spoken when a photo appeared in the air before them falling to the floor.

It was an 8x10 publicist shot of Alex offering one of those all knowing writer smiles that alway seemed to suggest that they knew something that you the reader did not. This photo however was wrapped with red string head securely by a red and blue button.

Yasmine frowned as she collected the photo from the floor.

" Well, that answers that question doesn't it." Yasmine mused examining the charm. " Your beloved's image wrapped in red string with a button symbolizing love and good health. It's a spell of true love… Alex you lucky devil someone's trying to cast a love spell on you."


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